Shipping Container Ordering and Delivery Process

Ordering Process

  • Customers provide us with their delivery addressdoor direction, and delivery contact/phone number when placing their order.
  • Our logistics team will reach out to the customer to discuss delivery details, including the delivery location and any questions or concerns.
  • Our logistics team, along with our local delivery partner, will confirm a delivery date and time window with the customer.
  • Upon arrival, the driver will meet with the customer to determine the exact delivery location.
  • The container will be safely lowered to the ground.

Site Preparation

Before the shipping container is delivered, it is important to consider site selection and preparation. At the time of ordering, you need to decide the direction you want the doors to face as this will affect the positioning of the container on the delivery truck. However, you can make changes if necessary. On the day of delivery, it is essential that you are present. Make sure that the entrances, exits, and pathways to the delivery site are free from debris and obstacles. Ensure there is enough space for the delivery driver to maneuver and unload your container. You should also be prepared to guide the driver to position the container as close as possible to your desired location. If you plan on placing the container on blocks, ensure that you have enough help on site to move them during delivery.

Required Clearances

To ensure a successful delivery of your shipping container, it is important to have adequate clearance and space prepared.

  • 40 ft. container: 100 ft. of straight clearance is required
  • 20 ft. container: 60 ft. of straight clearance is required

The measurement should be taken from the point where the back of the container will sit.

Additionally, the truck delivering the container will require a total width of 12 feet. To safely drive under any obstacles, 14 feet of vertical clearance is necessary for the truck and container. At the actual delivery site, there should be a vertical clearance of 16-20 feet (depending on the truck and trailer) to ensure a safe tilt-off delivery.

Tips for Creating a Level and Elevated Site for Your Shipping Container

To ensure that your shipping container is in good condition and functions properly, it is important to provide it with a level and slightly elevated surface. This can be achieved by using cement slabs, which are ideal for this purpose.

Flat surfaces allow both doors to open and close properly, while elevated areas prevent water and runoff from affecting the condition of your container.

If you need to prepare your shipping container site, you can consider using a mixture of clay, sand, stone, and crushed gravel as a foundation for a hard surface. Use a compactor to ensure that the surface is compacted and level.

Another option is to use prefabricated footings, such as railroad ties or concrete blocks, to place under your container. If you choose to use blocks, make sure they are solid and do not have holes that can crush under the weight of the container.

When using railroad ties, it is important to have someone available to move them during delivery. Although the delivery driver may be able to assist, it is best not to assume that they will be able to move them for you.

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